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Online Campus Recruitment Software by Talview

Our platform helps organizations conduct end-to-end campus hiring online, from screening candidates to their final selection.



As organizations begin to adjust to the new normal, we are seeing major business operations moving to online platforms. Recruitment or Talent Acquisition teams are reassessing how they conduct their recruitment process, transitioning from in-person to remote. Campus recruitment, which constitutes up to 23% of hiring, plays a major role in maintaining business continuity.

Talview helps you move your entire campus recruitment process online — and minimize the time and cost involved in campus hiring while eliminating logistical issues. Talview's AI-led solution also lets you find the next generation of successful joinees and future leaders by identifying who can learn and grow into new positions quickly.

How Does Talview Help in Online Campus Hiring

Comprehensive Solution

Move your end-to-end campus recruitment process to hire fresh college graduates online with Talview.

Smart Automation

Automate scheduling of candidate assessments and interviews, and other mundane tasks.

Long-term Solution

Build a remote campus recruitment solution, which is sustainable beyond COVID 19.

Superior Candidate Experience

Enhance candidate experience to digitally native Gen Z students with a mobile-first approach.

Employer Branding

Increase your source pool with a personalized branded portal and virtual campus tours.

Increased Efficiency

Minimize costs and eliminate logistical issues by moving the entire hiring process online.

See How ZS Associates Conducted Online Campus Recruitment With Talview

ZS Associates conducted campus hiring in 120+ university campuses with zero on-campus presence using Talview. They processed over 9000+ candidates in total, including 6,000 candidates in a span of 75 days during the hiring season peak.

Watch this case study video to learn more.

Talview Offers an End-to-End Virtual Campus Recruitment Solution

Source, Screen, Shortlist, and Interview with Ease







Automate Candidate Screening

You’re busy. We get it. Talview’s Recruitment Chatbot screens and qualifies candidates and integrates perfectly with your ATS, HRIS, or CRM. We automate everything from responding to candidate inquiries, screening resumes, creating and delivering assessments, and scheduling interviews.

MCQNew (1)

Use Standard or Customizable Assessments

Talview’s Online Assessment Platform is built for speed and customization. Choose from a range of test formats such as MCQs, essay and typing tests, coding tests, and more to assess both technical and soft skills of your potential employees. The assessments work seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices, providing a user-friendly experience to the candidates.

Proctoring-New (1)

Prevent Cheating with Online Proctoring

Ensure the authenticity of your candidate’s identity and knowledge through Talview's advanced online proctoring solution. You can review candidates’ actions in real-time and receive notifications for any suspicious activities.

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Conduct Personal/Group Interviews Faster

Use video interviews to conduct screening rounds, group discussions, and final candidate assessment. With live 1on1 or panel interviews or automated asynchronous interviews, Talview enables recruiters and hiring teams to conduct, review, and collaborate to hire the best talent.

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Get Detailed Behavioural Insights

No one knows your team better than you. Use Talview's TBI platform to determine which skills and qualities your team needs and we’ll tell you which candidates are a perfect fit. This optional and ethical AI value-add enables customers from all over the world to meet both team and compliance needs.

Improve Key Hiring Metrics



Reduced Time to Hire



Reduced Cost per Hiring



Improved Quality of Hiring

Why Customers Love Us

“Talview makes our job simple and quick! With their automated screening, cognitive assessment tests and proctored remote video interviews, they have helped us scale-up our operations, while also reducing the time taken to hire significantly. Talview Behavioral Insights is one of our favorite features that they offer to help understand our candidates better.”

Rahul Mitra, Head Talent Acquisition at ZS Associates





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